Friend-to-Friend Membership Drive

A lifestyle upgrade is within your reach. Join Pekin Country Club.

You’ve thought about a Pekin Country Club membership and all that it offers — an outstanding golf course, a private pool for you and your family, fine dining in the Clubhouse, and fun events that enhance your social life — and you know you want to join. Someday.

That time is now. Our Friend-to-Friend membership drive provides an incentive for new members to join by offering them a discount on dues. At the same time, it rewards our current members for bringing a Friend into the Club. The membership special runs April 15th, 2017- April 15, 2019. Sign up by July 1!

During this promotional period listed above, the Friends will each pay the same discounted rate for the duration of the promotion (annual 3% dues increase will apply). At the end of the promotion, unless otherwise voted and approved by voting members, the Friends will then pay the current monthly dues of their classification.

The first year of the Friend-to-Friend promotion will see dues discounted at 20% for Regular members, 15% for intermediate and 10% for Clubhouse/Social. Year Two will see the dues discounted at 15% for Regular, 10% for intermediate and 10% for Clubhouse/Social. There will be two classifications for the Friend-to-Friend drive, Golfing and Non-Golfing. Friends must be in the same classification. Regulars and Intermediates cannot match with Social/Clubhouse and vice versa.

Join today! Please contact club manager Scott Roher at 309-346-3144 or!



  1. The Friend-to-Friend promotion is for only two people.
  2. Only one new member allowed per Friend group (other Friend must own certificate if required in by-laws).
  3. Current promotional members are not eligible to be new members.
  4. Current promotional members can bring aboard a Friend after paying one month of regular monthly dues.
  5. The lesser of the two percentage discounts for Friends will always apply.
  6. Discount percentage will be for each Friend. Year One ends 5/31/18, Year Two ends 5/31/19.
  7. Discounts can only be combined between Friends and will remain until end of promotion.
  8. All Friends will pay monthly $30 Capital Fund, $50 food and beverage minimum.
  9. New members who will be 40 years of age or older at end of promotion will be billed quarterly (6/30/17, 9/30/17, 12/31/17, 3/31/18, 6/30/18, 9/30/18, 12/31/18 and 3/31/18) for certificate to be issued at end of promotion. The cost of the certificate ($750) will be divided by the number of quarters remaining in the 24-month promotion. Example: New members sign up in July 2017. They will have seven quarters remaining: $750/7= $108.
  10. If new member leaves before end of promotion, new member will forfeit money paid towards certificate.
Year Membership Current Dues Year 1 Dues Year 2 Dues
2017-2018 Regular $415 $332 (20%)  
2017-2018 Intermediate $243 $206 (15%)  
2017-2018 Social $187 $168 (10%)  
2017-2018 Clubhouse $148 $133 (10%)  
2018-2019 Regular $428   $363 (15%)
2018-2019 Intermediate $251   $225 (10%)
2018-2019 Social $193   $173 (10%)
2018-2019 Clubhouse $153   $137 (10%)


Q: What if my Friend and I have never been a member of PCC? Can we participate in the Friend-to-Friend promotion?
A: Yes, as long as one of you pays one month of regular dues AND you purchase a certificate (if required).

Q: What if I wish to join but don’t know a current member to Friend with?
A: We will work to find you a current member to Friend with. If we are unable to find you a member to partner with, you’ll be able to pay regular dues until we find someone.

Q: What other costs are associated with new members?
A: New members will be required to contribute to the monthly capital equipment fund and spend the monthly $50 F&B minimum. If a certificate is required after the 24 months, a quarterly payment is required to apply toward their certificate purchase.

Q: Does the 13th month apply?
A: Yes, all members will be assessed the 13th month dues.

Q: Are there any initiation fees?
A: No

Q: When does the promotion begin?
A: You may sign up at any time. The promotion will run for a maximum of 24 months. However, voting members (certificate holders) as per our by-laws, may extend the promotion if they choose to do so.

Q: If I was a member more than 24 months prior but still own a certificate, can I participate in the promotion?
A: Yes.

Q: As a new member, do I have the same access to the Club as my member Friend?
A: Yes. However, if you do not own a club certificate, you will not have voting rights.

Q: If I purchase a certificate, will that be returned upon resignation?
A: Yes. Once the original certificate is redeemed, your request for redemption will start. Certificates are paid out in order of receipt as approved by the Board.

Q: What happens to my dues after the 24 months?
A: As of now, they will return to the regular rate. However, it is our goal to have the voting members grant an extension of the promotion before it ends.